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Monday, March 7, 2011

Attack Of The Trends!!!

Predicted Trends:  ‘70s, gold, Asian influence, studded and slashed punk look, giant print fabric, and Western which includes suede, snakeskin & fringe

Let me kick this off with a quote from Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland, “What if it was agreed that 'proper' was wearing a codfish on your head? ”  This is how I feel about trends about 90% of the time.  Everyone needs to realize that there are people at the top of the trend forecasting pyramid that don’t only predict trends but also pick & choose trends they see fit no matter how ridiculous.  One of the newly predicted trends is fringe.  Fringe is wonderful……on cowboy and Indian Halloween costumes, the occasional curtain, or when translated tastefully into a purse (Louis Vuitton Limited Edition Multicolored Fringe Bucket Bag).  It may also be okay when it is used in a ‘20s flapper look but not in this hideous ‘cowboy look’ trend. 
Louis Vuitton

Seek out the ads for both Blumarine and Roberto Cavalli.  It is as if they are competing for title of ‘most trends thrown into one hideous garment.’  Blumarine did larger-than-life cheetah print with fringe, hitting on the trends: ‘70s, gold, prints, suede, fringe, and animal influence.  Roberto Cavalli did ‘20 ways to use snake skin’ with large amounts of fringe scoring points on the trends:  fringe, snakeskin, and the Neo-Punk look that consists of silver junk embellishing the entire garment.  I can’t pick a winner even though Blumarine clearly wins on trend count because Roberto Cavalli's garments are just so horrible!  Don’t get me wrong though, snake skin is beautiful as a purse or shoes, but NEVER as a garment.  Check out the Balmain denim skirt (page 222 of the March 2011 Elle) that is covered in safety pins and body piercing hardware for a better example of the Neo-Punk look; doesn‘t even list a price, shocking!

Roberto Cavalli


The large print trend is a tough one to accomplish without making the garment look tacky.  Missoni tried out this trend and added ‘70s to it making it go from tacky to a complete train wreck.  My husband says it looks like they took a rug from the 1970s and turned it into clothes (this was a negative comment if there was any confusion).  A few designers did pull off the large print trend such as DKNY and Etro.  Check out the ‘70s inspired ad for Solange Azugary-Partridge (SAP) and tell me how much you don’t want to buy their products. Solange Azagury -Partridge Ad Campaign 2010-2011 Shot #5 -
 An excellent ‘70s inspired look was designed by JBrand Jeans which had a brunette wearing a blue top and elephant leg jeans who resembles my mom from the early ‘70s like its no ones business; its absolutely gorgeous. 
JBrand Jeans

 To conclude my rant I will end on the note of Marc Jacobs whom I could talk of all day long.  Their campaign includes a ‘70s inspired look with a bit of scary-ugly thrown in the mix.  Marc Jacobs has been predicting the scary-ugly trend for a very long time igniting the flames of my hate relationship I have with him.  Ahhh, Marc Jacobs, I’m sure I will always dislike you and wish you could find a professional cameraman to get better shots of the delusions you have about good fashion.  There will be a complete blog in the near future based on the true feelings I have for Marc Jacobs.
Marc Jacobs

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