Not For Hire was actually the title of a resort-wear clothing line that I designed while in college and the title has stuck with me. I am now turning Not For Hire into a critiquing blog for fashion advertisements and products. I have serious issues with name brand companies putting out horrible ads/products that get great reviews just because they are popular brands or they use famous models & celebrities. I'm here to write real reviews on advertisements/products even if the truth hurts. Most of what I write will obviously be negative feedback but there are some companies that deserve serious credit and will get it from me. Hope you enjoy the critiquing and you are more than welcome to critique my critiques; I love a good debate!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Watch Out For My Bias Opinions!

I try to have a completely open minded and unbiased sense to everything that I see but there are some things that I just can't help myself about.  I fall head-over-heels sometimes about the smallest detailing or fabric choice of a garment even though the overall product may not be so wonderful.  Then, there are specific things that I go completely ga-ga about no matter what it is or how it's used.
Number one thing....Leather - just the word leather makes me yearn for that beautiful smell.  Almost anything made from REAL leather makes me like and want it: jackets, purses, shoes, belts, luggage, even chaps make me happy! 
Number two would be embroidery.  I love a good embroidered and/or topstitched garment.  It sends shivers down my spine to see a jacket with rows and rows of beautiful topstitching on sleeves or giant stitched patterns on the back. 
Third thing that I'm bias about are garments that take me a while to figure out their construction.  Good example of this would be anything Lady Gaga wears.  People make negative comments, such as her clothes are tacky, crazy, and ugly; I always say 'how did they make that?'.  Everything she wears, no matter how 'awful' it is, intrigues me.  The out-of-the-box designs are amazing and the fact that they could pull off the construction fascinates me.  Makes me think of a teacher I had in college that was always a Negative Nancy about crazy designs I made and how she always said it was impossible to construct.  Seeing her face the next week when I walked in with the 'impossible' garment completed was simply priceless.  Kudos to the designers of Lady Gaga!

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  1. We are sooo related! :-) I am going to enjoy reading this!